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Contemporary Abstract Artist

I have always had a vivid imagination.  I was a solitary child but never lonely or bored.  I would spend hours creating stories, cities and diorama that I would populate with imaginary people, animals and events.  I always preferred my stories and images to those given in books and film.  I bring this sense of imagination to my paintings.  Abstraction in art leaves me free to conjure and feel what is happening rather than being told.

If I look at the works of John Young or Dale Frank for example, I see chasms, landscapes, dreamscapes and fantasies. Jackson Pollock's dance with paint has a rhythm that I feel in my body.  Urs Fisher's sense of humour and irreverence is like breathing fresh air.  There is an organic and natural expression through the medium of contemporary abstract painting that I find exciting and endlessly rewarding.

I hate labels because they influence how work is viewed but if I have to describe myself I would use words like modern, minimalist, contemporary and abstract artist.  I would also use terms like Abstract Expressionist as an artist able to put aside my conscious mind to allow the paint and the paint brush to determine the final result on the canvas.


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