Action Painting

  What is Action Painting?

Are you a fan of abstract painting? If so, you may also enjoy looking at action painting. In many cases, art lovers are not even aware that they’re looking action painting. They may simply see your piece of artwork as abstract but not realize that its action painting. If you’re unfamiliar with action painting, you’re probably wondering what is wanted means. In fact, action painting is more about the creating process then it is about the meaning. Action painting is a painting that is created by the artist using gestures. The paint brush is brought across the canvas and very broad strokes or small strokes. Paint is allowed to drip and drizzle as the artist gestures across the canvas. The result is a very organic piece of artwork that reflects the artists gestures as they created the painting. As with all abstract art, action painting can be interpreted uniquely by each viewer. In my case, I never use paintbrushes, but instead pour paint onto a flat surface, often in a dancelike process that delivers the pigment somewhat randomly to the support.  It is the function of gravity and a minimal amount of manipulation of the canvas that creates the effects that I seek.

© 2015 Jenny Reddin

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