Welcome to my website.  

I live and work on my property in the Yarra Valley where I have converted the old stables into a large, comfortable studio.

Frankly I need the space because my works are large and I work flat.  It means that I often have wet works on every flat surface I can find.

I am inspired by a the world around me but I am constantly researching themes and topics that interest me and looking at how other artists are dealing with those issues.  I am often as inspired by their ideas as by their work.  

Whilst saying that however, because of the process I use, if I try to be prescriptive or too planned the work fails, without fail.  I have learned to trust the paint.  Almost as if it knows better than I do where it needs to travel to achieve the aesthetic required.  

I am constantly thrilled by the alchemic process that I go through to produce works that I couldn't possibly achieve using traditional methods.  From time to time I accept a commission to paint a portrait which I do as an intellectual exercise, but I love to return to the process of chance, accident and randomness and the use of gravity as my paintbrush.

© 2015 Jenny Reddin

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