Alchemic Art

What is Alchemic Art?

If you are a fan of abstract art you’ll most certainly be interested in learning about alchemic art. Alchemic art is an artist’s process that originates from centuries ago in a process that attempted to purify base metals. Alchemist were known for their keen powers of observation and their enthusiasm for experimentation. It is this that the alchemic artists of modern-day emulates during their inner exploration of the creative outlet for what they’ve you in their everyday lives. The development of the alchemic artist is something that is organic and takes place over a large number of years. It is part of the vision if you will; a way of seeing the world through the artists eyes that doesn’t interpret the world. Instead, the alchemic artists act as a conduit so that the world can be expressed through the artwork. If you are interested in seeing how alchemic art, please take a moment to view my portfolio page.

© 2015 Jenny Reddin

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