18 Sep 2019

I have always been interested in pre-history and in particular prehistoric man.  I visited Banpo Village in Xi’an China where evidence of very early life is visible because the impressions of structures, protective moats and clay burial pots made in the surrounding terracotta clay.  I was e...

17 Sep 2019

Population growth brings prosperity, diversity and opportunity to a city but it also brings increases in heat, density, crime and pollution.

This series seeks to represent the urbanisation of cities in a way that describes the emotional intensity of urban sprawl.  The colours are hot and bri...

6 Jul 2019

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there lived a very stupid human.  He was stupid because he didn’t know any of the things that we know today; things that make our lives easier.  He lived simply, taking only what he needed.

The stupid man had sons and daughters and they had sons a...

30 May 2018

Tell us about your path to abstraction

I was originally drawn to portraiture and the study of the human figure but became increasingly interested in the emotion rather than the fact. Whist I admire the skills of realist artists I prefer to have the detail left to my imagination rather than h...

5 Nov 2017

This exhibition was inspired by two converging events in my life that resulted in a concept, a body of research and this series of works.

9 Apr 2017

Flowers are used to as a response to life events: death, birth, celebration, commiseration, joy. Floral tributes are a tangible representation of emotion.

18 Jul 2016

During a conversation between a man and an eagle the eagle said to the man:

“What is it that worries you most about the future?”

The man replied:

“I am worried that there won’t be jobs for my children, about  how I’m going to pay off my debts and about whether I’ll have enough money in my old...

19 Mar 2016

"Only mental blocks prevent you from seeing your pure natures. You are your own light. Look within your own self." His Holiness, The Dali Lama of Tibet www.odysseyofthesoul.org

I discover the wisdom of His Holiness's words whenever I come to paint.  

My best works come from a place in my sub...

17 Aug 2015

The Summer Exhibition for 2015 at the The Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly London was one of the most exciting gallery visits of all.  Imagine room after room of all your favourite artists hung four and five paintings high and exhibited on walls painted fluorescent pink and lurid green....

10 Aug 2015

The Art scene in London is so very exciting.  I thought I would share some of the incredible works I came across in the very short time I was in London in August this year.

I found this gem at the Tate Modern:

Mark Bradford | Riding the Cut Vein 2013 | Mixed Media on Canvas

Have a look at it u...

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Researching The Very Stupid Man

18 Sep 2019

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