Mud Season Review

Art Issue No 24

February 2019

Featured Artist

A star is born

Dr Marcus Bunyan, Art Blart


The origin of the word catastrophe is Greek (kata + strophein) and its literal meaning was “overturn”. According to its definition, it is an event that causes trauma due to its capacity to destroy most of a community. 


Catastrophes are extreme events that affect a large number of victims in the affected community, and are easily identified as events that cause physical suffering.1 The use of words such as disaster (origin in the Italian word disastro (dis + astro, “bad star”)) and catastrophe create the idea of a “disaster taxonomy,” one which is based on the principle that there are variable emotional responses... READ MORE

Jenny Reddin pours to perfection

by isiiad


My latest hunt for great things to show you led me to Not the Archies.  That led me to Margaret McLoughlin. Then last week to Jenny Reddin. Both artists have work in Not the Archies and both artists will participate in the Yarra Valley Open Studio's Program, being held again in September of this year throughout the gorgeous Yarra Valley.  


Not the Archies is the best community arts project. People of all ages have been invited to paint portraits of locals. (I'm so happy to see portraits created by children!) READ MORE

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