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Art London 2015 | Amazing exciting art

The Art scene in London is so very exciting. I thought I would share some of the incredible works I came across in the very short time I was in London in August this year.

I found this gem at the Tate Modern:

Mark Bradford | Riding the Cut Vein 2013 | Mixed Media on Canvas

Have a look at it up close:

As an artist who is interested in surface I find Bradford’s work intriguing. Seen up close you can see the layers that appear to have been carved into using a “V” shaped chisel (although from watching a video of him installing a work called Finding Barry at the Hammer Museum he appears to be using an electric sander) enabling the viewer to see the excavated surface. From what I have bee able to read about him, he is “interested in strategies of mapping and the psychogeography of the city he calls home”. (hammer.ucla.ed)

Another artist whose work I loved was Lee Bul, a South Korean performance artist and sculptor.

Lee Bull 1963 | Untitled (Cravings White) 1988 Reconstructed 2011

Fabric, acrylic paint, wood, stainless steel, carabiner and stainless steel chain

According to the information provided by the Tate Modern, this piece is a reconstruction of a body costume worn by Lee Bul during a performance of “Cravings” at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul in 1989. I found the piece intriguing because of its grotesque physicality. At some angles it looks like a giant root ball from a massive mutant vegetable but at others it could represent internal organs or a frenetic struggle to ingress.

What do you see?

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